Friday, January 23, 2009


So, I wrote this app.  Ok, I didn't really write it, I scripted it and packaged it with IEXPRESS.EXE.  The "app" is basically a scripted install of TightVNC Server.  I write a vbscript to install all the appropriate registry entries, start the server, wait for a message box OK, and when the session it kills the server and deletes the registry entries.  The executables themselves are deleted by IEXPRESS when everything finishes.  It's neat! 

Basically the executable starts up tightvnc server and initiates a "reverse connection" to a listener at a specified IP.  Initially I wrote it such that the IP can be entered when the thing is run or hard-coded.  So, yesterday I wrote a perl script that takes an IP and port from an HTML form, generates text files with that data, and calls IEXPRESS to package the thing up with the custom text files.  I also modified the original vbscript to look to the text file for port and IP information.

And you know what?  It works!  It's pretty snappy, too.

So now I need to monetize it.  There are a bunch of issues that I'm not capable of dealing with right now, such as security (on my web server), account information, payment information, etc.
Hopefully I can get my web-enabled friend to help me with those aspects.